Obamacare Created the Maskers

By now, I’m certain that every single person reading this has encountered every argument both for and against masks. These arguments are so beat to death that I do not feel I even need to address them here; you know where you land. Personally, I think every person should wear them if they want to, or not wear them. It’s a choice that comes down to personal accountability, which is what this blog post is about.

Personally, I can look past all the mental gymnastics that maskers employ to try and coerce their choices upon me and my family. It’s just noise at this point and my mind is made up on the matter. I’ve also come to realize that there is a new cult in town, the Maskers, and their group think is incredibly powerful. Challenge the hive mind and you will be descended upon by a flurry of multi-colored hair and people crying about how you don’t care about their health or the health of their Grandparents.

Not only is this annoying, it shows a lack of both personal responsibility and self-ownership.

But here’s the thing. They are right to a point; I don’t care about their health or their Grandparent’s health. I simply can’t. I have a family of my own to worry about and these people all fall out of the circle of my responsibility. In fact, I consider people who constantly fret about the well being of others outside of their circle to have some degree of mental illness or savior syndrome. In the case of the latter, Maskers feel that their fear and the symbol of it (the mask) elevate them to a hero status in society. These people feel they’re better, smarter, and morally superior to anyone not in line with the narrative.

And they are full of shit.

If you want evidence, go to a mostly left leaning page or the page of a left leaning politician.

Never have I seen so many virtue signaling profile picture frames wishing for someone to die. It’s the truth. Maskers go from lecturing others about how much they care for the health and safety of those around them and therefore diligently mask up, to wishing that anyone protesting mask laws or daring to venture out maskless must give up their ventilator for someone who thinks like the Masker. These same Maskers comment on pictures and videos of people protesting restrictions and lockdowns with death wishes and hopeful comments that these protesters will contract the disease and then “know what it’s like”.

The message here is clear, if someone doesn’t subscribe to the current hysterical group think, their life isn’t worth saving. In the Masker’s mind, people who aren’t heroically fearful are worthless.

If only history showed us what happens when Leftists don’t see a certain group of people as human.

I’ll give you a minute to do some research. I’ll be here when you come back.

Now on to my point. I got off on a tangent there.

Where did these people get the idea that their health and safety is my responsibility? After all, when the argument is presented that a concealed carrier has a weapon for both their safety and the betterment of society, suddenly these Maskers don’t need a protector OR my help. Suddenly, I’m no longer responsible for those around me.

But that’s really what this is all about, isn’t it? The removal of personal choice from the equation. Lately, a wave of Bills and Executive Orders have removed personal choice from most of our activities. Masks are imposed under penalty, small businesses can’t operate at capacity, some small businesses can’t operate at all.

Want me to go further? Cool.

People can’t sing in church, some churches can’t be open, virtual meetings have become normal, too large of a group can be reported as a crime, large families can’t go out to eat if they can find a restaurant because said restaurant isn’t allowed to seat that many people together, grocery stores are limiting your purchases, and the list goes on.

Man, I got off on a tangent again. I do that. If you listen to the podcast you know that already though.

My point, one of many apparently, is that we got to this point through government interference in what should be a free market.

Specifically, the healthcare industry, which was taken over on March 23, 2010, the day Obamacare was signed into law.

From the beginning Obamacare was touted as a way for the rich to have to pay their share of YOUR medical bills. Those most violently supporting the law, most of which are now rabid Maskers, were told that their increasing medical debt and healthcare costs were only a result of the 1% not paying their share, and finally Obama was going to do something about it. Supporters of the law swooned at the thought of more free stuff and once again rode on a wave of moral superiority that they would not have to carry the weight of. On the surface, this only looked like increased costs for most of America, but now we can see the effects were much deeper.

See, Obama not only duped America into thinking that the cost of healthcare was the responsibility of a moral population, he also convinced a large many of us that we had a right to other people’s time and services. By doing so, he also gave the vocal Left the impression that they have the right to an opinion about how others choose to live their lives. In the eyes of the collective, every person had to do their part. Now the right to tell others how to live was acceptable. After all, the people on the other side weren’t just rolling over, they had to be made to.

Through this system of thinking and societal brow beating, we have arrived here.

The split between Maskers and Anti-Maskers is almost clean down the middle of Liberals and Conservatives, and this can be seen by going to Facebook pages aligned with the views of either philosophy. The difference between these groups is that only one wants to tell you how to live your life, the Maskers, unsurprisingly.

For ten years now, Maskers have been told by any media they consume that society is responsible for their healthcare. Further, those “Fascists” on the right want to take it away from them. A basic human right! Monsters! Let’s ignore the fact that absolutely nobody has the right to the goods and services of another. We tried that. It was called slavery.

This attitude has trickled down and become a foundational part of the Left’s moral superiority. These people are better than you because they care about everyone, the well being of society rests on them and their friends alone and they must speak out against your injustice. In their mind you can either agree, or perish, they don’t care. Just check their Facebook comments.

The steps to fixing this issue are simple. So simple in fact that we don’t see it easily because Maskers are so well organized and vocal that they seem to be winning. Spoiler, they aren’t. If they were, they wouldn’t be bitching all over Facebook and Instagram about the great number of people disobeying the mask laws. See, that’s the issue with Maskers, the mask is a symbol of their heroism which was born through their identity of fear. Since most people were not partaking in this cult of fear, Maskers took to henpecking their legislators and businesses into compliance. It worked, but compliance is low. People who believe in Liberty have the power; we just need a reminder.

So, the solution is to take away their microphone.

We can do this at the ballot box in November. I urge every one of you to go out and vote your conscience.

But to remove the microphone, freedom loving Americans must show up to the polls and vote out every Tyrant from top to bottom. We must leave no seat comfortably filled. From the smallest office to the largest, every single politician needs to be changed since every single one of them has either watched Liberty die or held it down while others beat it to death. Leaving these people in office another 50 years won’t fix anything, and the comfort of office must be taken away from do nothing say nothing panderers. The power is yours, and all you have to do is go to the booth in November. Are you lazy enough to see where this goes? I hope not.


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