The Soviet Subversion Model has Been the Game all Along (Video)

Updated: Jul 18

I’ll start off by saying I love a good conspiracy theory. However, this is far from that.

I have very few words for this blog post because someone who lived and breathed this style of manipulation can tell this story better than I ever could.

Yuri Bezmenov was a KGB defector to Canada who spent the 1980’s trying to warn America about Communism and governmental manipulation until his death in 1993. He developed what he calls the Soviet Subversion Model which after watching this video should seem pretty familiar.

I’ve embedded the video below from a site called UgeTube in hopes that they truly are less restrictive than YouTube and it will remain up on their site. It has over a million views, so I think it’s safe. If you want to just hear the interview with Yuri, which by the way is from nineteen eighty fucking four, skip to 2:09.

Mobile users click here to view it in the right format.

Stay Aggressive.


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